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How it Works


Enter Your Job Description

Enter your job description into IQTalent Xchange in minutes.


IQTX Finds the Best Candidates

The IQTX platform uses the most advanced search technology combined with the experience of our full-time researchers to find the best candidates matching your job description.


IQTX Accesses Our Database

The IQTalent Xchange database accesses over 300 million professionals.


Candidates are Ranked

Qualified candidates are ranked from one to five diamonds.


Receive a Curated List

Receive a curated candidate list complete with contact information in 3 – 5 days.


Ensured Research Quality

A customer success representative will ensure the quality of your candidates exceeds your expectations.

What is Delivered?

In 3-5 days, you will receive a list of all the top passive candidates. Yes, ALL of them! We research job candidates out of over 300 million professionals to find everyone who meets the description you provided, up to 250 candidates per research project.

Results include our proprietary candidate ranking from one to five diamonds.

Candidate contact data included; you’ll have everything you need for outreach: candidate profiles, emails, and phone numbers.




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