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What tools do you use to find the candidates and their contact information?

We access a database of 700 million professionals, and we use a variety of recruiting tools, without relying too heavily on one, to maximize our ability to find the best candidates and the most options for contacting them. If a person has a digital presence, we will find them and evaluate their relevance for your role.

How reliable is the information provided? (e.g., contact information, current titles, current company, etc.)

Our information is as reliable (if not more so) than any other contact information tool on the market. Given our variety of resources, you can expect a minimum of one way to contact a candidate. We have access to as many, if not more, public profiles than any other research platform.

Explain your “Proprietary Diamond Candidate Ranking” and how IQTX determines each candidate’s rank.

Our research experts review your criteria and individually assign scores to each candidate profile based on how well each candidate matches your request according to the information available. Candidates scored with 5 diamonds are the clearest fit for your role. One diamond candidates may be high-quality candidates as well, but they simply may not have as much information available and will require some additional vetting on your end. Your CSM will work with you during your kickoff call to determine the best way to structure the ranking according to your needs.

How will the results of a Candidate Research project differ from the results of a Diversify by IQTX project?

Our normal candidate research project does not display diversity identifying information. Our Diversify project will include diversity identifying information within your results dashboard.

If I purchase a Candidate Research project, but after the results are delivered, I want to emphasize diversity candidates in my results, how can I make that change?

Speak with your Customer Service Manager about upgrading your project to Diversify by IQTX. In some cases, more research may need to be completed or the project restarted with a lens on diverse candidate research.

How do I know that these candidates will be interested in the role?

Research Projects: You don’t know exactly. Our researchers look for clues in the candidate data, from their social media to their current company status, that indicate that a candidate will likely be interested in your role. Initially, we find the top passive candidates that match your job description and uncover their contact data. Then, we use context to rank the candidates according to fit and the likelihood of interest. You take over the outreach from there!

If you’d like to know the candidates’ interest levels before continuing your in-house outreach, consider an engagement with IQTalent, our professional services division.

With candidate sourcing through IQTalent, we work seamlessly with your internal recruiting team to gauge interest and feedback from your top candidates. Our sourcing is on-demand and billed by the hour, so you will only pay for the sourcing hours you use.

Not ready to engage in full-service sourcing, but still need some help? Check out our excellent candidate outreach resources on our blog.

What should I do if I want to input specific industries vs. companies?

You can do that! Our input form allows you to input custom data, so you can either include that information in the job
description text or simply type the industries into the “companies” field.


What if I have a target list of companies already generated?

Enter the target companies in the same field shown above. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email once your role is submitted — please reply to that email and include the companies you’d like to target. Our team will take it from there.

Can I meet with your team to discuss more details about the role?

Absolutely. This is a standard part of our process. You will receive a minimum of two touchpoints with your assigned researcher and/or Customer Success Manager.

What if I need to go back and edit something about the role?

Once you have submitted the role, you will no longer be able to edit it yourself. However, as soon as you submit the role, you will receive an email. Simply reply to that email, and we will add it from our end. You may also edit the role during your kickoff call with your CSM.

At any time, you can hit the “Email Us” button on your dashboard or reach out to your assigned researcher directly. We’ll work with you to update the job description and other details. However, the amount of work that’s already been done on your project will determine if we need more time to complete the project.

What if I have created a role, but I am not ready to start my project yet?

No problem! We will save it as a draft for you, and you can submit it to us whenever you are ready. Payment is not due until the job is submitted.


How will I know when my research project is complete?

Within 2-3 days, you will receive an email instructing you to review the initial candidate results of the research. We will request feedback. Based on your feedback, we will continue the research and send you the final completed project in 2-3 more days. At that time, you will see on your IQTX dashboard that the role will be reflected as “Completed.” You can click on the VIEW icon to see your results anytime. The research is yours to keep forever!

Can I export the results into my own system?

Yes, this is your data now. Click the “export” button on the role’s page, and initiate a CSV download with all of the candidate information.


How do I know that I will get high-quality results?

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. We know that we do this better than anyone else and can prove it. We use cutting edge tools and nuanced expertise to deliver top tier results across all industries and functions. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

How long can I access my results?

Your results belong to you forever. The role and results never deactivate. If you ever have trouble accessing the platform, reach out, and we’ll take care of it.

How do I know that the results returned by IQTX will not be redundant to the research that I’ve already done?

If you want to make sure we do not duplicate any work you’ve already finished, please send us your research list (by replying directly to your confirmation email), and we’ll make sure not to include any of those people in your results. We won’t do anything with your research list, and we will delete it once your project is returned. We can only guarantee that we’ll be able to identify new candidates for your project if you provide us your current research.

However, we’ve also found that the results can be valuable to teams that think they may have exhausted a search and want to validate that they have mapped the entire market. We’ll back you up to your hiring manager and provide a “double-check!”

What if I want to map out a population? (e.g., Find all CFOs at top SaaS companies)

Reach out to us at to see which option would be best for you. General research project results are capped at 250 candidates. A standard research project may not be sufficient for your needs. We’d be happy to work with you to find the best fit.

When do my credits expire?

Credits expire in 12 months. For example, if you purchase the discounted 3 Research Project Bundle, you have 3 credits of research. You will need to use those credits for 3 different candidate research projects within the next 12 months. Remember, we deliver the results within 3 to 5 business days, so you will be able to use the credits quickly.

How do I ask for details not available to me with a standard IQTX research project?

(e.g., I want more information returned than email/phone number, such as a company website; I want to share a spreadsheet)?

Simply reply directly to your confirmation email or send us a message from your dashboard (‘email us’ button). We will figure out how to best serve your request. Your Customer Success Manager is always available to assist you with special requests.

How do I reach out to candidates identified by the IQTX team?

That’s up to you! We provide at least one way (and usually more!) to reach out to each candidate, whether through a website (such as LinkedIn or GitHub), email, or phone number. We also have some great resources on our website that can help you with candidate outreach.

If you realize you don’t have the internal bandwidth for timely outreach, consider using our on-demand sourcing services available through our professional services division, IQTalent. Speak with your Customer Service Manager, and he can assist you in getting started.

When is the best time to use your services?

We can help your search at any point in the process. The ideal times are either:

  • When you are just starting a role, have a strong idea of what you’re looking for, and need a quick boost in your sourcing efforts.
  • When you’re stuck on a search that needs to be revived.

How can I edit my account information?

Simply click on the “hamburger icon” in the top left of the page, and click “Account.” Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner.


Can I transfer credits to someone else in my company?

Yes, but we must handle this internally. Reach out to us via the “email us” option on the home menu, or email directly to

How do I reach out to your team to send feedback or ask a question?

We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us via the Email Us option on the home menu, or email directly to

How do I know that the information that I share will be kept confidential?

We guarantee that any information you share with us about a role, a company, or candidates will only be used to create the most useful set of candidates for your position. After we use it to match candidates to your role, we’ll safely destroy it. Please see our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for further information.

Don’t see the answer to your question?

Contact us directly, we’re here to help.